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To develop professional and safe responses in the wildland environment by offering training and education that meets the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Standards.”

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Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy starts January 9, 2023. Check our Schedule or Courses page for more info.

Training firefighters Since 2002

New Mexico is at high risk for wildfires. In fact, more than 70 percent of the state’s population abide in areas that are considered elevated risk for wildfire development. Due to the climate and terrain in New Mexico, wildfires can spread quickly, and the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy was created to help ensure that the firefighters who battle these fires are well trained and highly qualified. Over the last year, New Mexico state officials have declared that wildfire season now lasts all year long due to climate change and the forests becoming drier. Sierra Blanca Wildfire Academy knows that as firefighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand the theories and techniques of modern day wildland firefighting. The Academy’s classes have been designed to provide you with the information and knowledge to safely and effectively fight the fire threats we see today. Our philosophy is that the more professionally trained individuals we have, the better we can serve and protect our communities.

20 Years of Developing Firefighters

Sierra Blanca Wildfire Academy offers a full range of courses for firefighters to teach modern techniques and safety measures to help keep firefighters safe as they fight wildland fires and to supress fires more efficiently. View our entire course list here.  →